Our Vision

RiverOaks Church is all about “Worshiping God, Loving Each Other and Changing Our World… through Christ.” That’s our vision. We seek to grow in each of these areas. We are a simple and streamlined church. We are real, relevant and relational. We are not a place to see a show, but we are a place to experience the life changing power of God. Our vision is not to get bigger, but to make a bigger difference. We are not perfect people. We are a place to be honest but not complacent, a place of love which is not always easy or even tolerant, but is always forgiving and encouraging. We are a place for Truth and a place for lost sheep. We are on a journey to become the church Jesus Christ had in mind. We welcome any who want to consider becoming a part of that. Our services are warm, inviting and casual. We make it our mission to make sure guests feel safe and comfortable, never singled out. We’re a fun church to visit. We would love to have you attend, even if only for one week. We hope to be a blessing to you!


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