Pastoral Staff

Larry Rodgers

Senior Pastor

One of God’s greatest gifts to me is my family. I love spending time with my wife, she more than anyone else, helps me grow in my walk with God. My daughter has blessed me in so many ways. She is fun to be around and keeps me on my toes. If I had to describe myself I would say that I’m a little nostalgic. I could spend hours looking at old cars, I collect old radios and I have a Victrola where I play my collection of old 78 records. I also love to spend time working in the yard creating gardens and watching things grow.

My greatest joy would have to be studying God’s Word. I especially love the Old Testament, where we discover the foundations of salvation through the history of Israel. I love how God’s Word honestly describes people and how we can so easily relate to them and find ourselves in the text. I then love taking those truths and teaching them to others. There is nothing better than seeing people grow as they get a deeper understanding of who God is and His call on their lives.


Brandon Boatner

Brandon Boatner

Associate Pastor to Students


To understand me, you must know a few things. First off, I love my Lord. He is the center of my life and I am crazy about Him. I would do anything He asked of me. Secondly, I love music. I could sit for hours playing my guitar or even listen to others play. Music is a language that unites us all. Lastly, I love sports. The only problem is that I love Texas Sports. GO RANGERS!

Seriously, my wife, Julie, and I believe that RiverOaks is a great home.  We couldn't ask for a better place to raise our family, and obviously God thinks so to as he brought our son home from Ethiopia last year.  Our adoption is a lasting reminder to me of the fact that we all can be adopted into the family of Christ.  God is so awesome!



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