Some fun and memorable times at ROC 🙂

ROC This Way!

Couple’s Game Night

Twas the Night Before Easter

2015 Easter Picnic

Youth Group Food Fight!

2016 Easter Picnic

MasterLife Class

Youth Group All Night Laser Tag

Vacation Bible School

2011 Vacation Bible School

2012 Vacation Bible School

2014 Vacation Bible School

2015 Vacation Bible School

2016 Vacation Bible School

2017 Vacation Bible School

Bapti-Q (Annual Baptism and Picnic)

2013 Bapti-Q

2014 Bapti-Q

2016 Bapti-Q

Nicaragua Mission Trips

2013 Mission Trip to Nicaragua

2014 Mission Trip to Nicaragua

2015 Nicaragua Mission Trip

2017 Mission Trip to Nicaragua

Points of Grace

Stories of grace, love and forgiveness found within our church family.


RiverOaks Church has an amazing church body. This is who we are…

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