changing our world: Missions

RiverOaks Church has sent numerous teams to both Peru and Nicaragua over the last ten years.  Currently, we partner with Project Hope to build homes in Nicaragua.  Our missionaries (including pastors) have had the privilege to perform weddings, baptize many adults and help guide many others to salvation through Christ.

“In July 2012, I left for Nicaragua excited to build houses for families in need. I came back a week later changed to the core, having been used by God in ways I never would have thought possible. Though I spent many hours lifting and placing cinder blocks, rolling wheelbarrows full of wet cement, and driving nails, what mattered most about the trip was that, through God’s use of me, seven people I had not previously had any relationship with, were reserved a mansion in Heaven.” – Doug Smith

That’s what the ROC mission trips are about: serving others in ways to meet their needs while serving God to fulfill his commission. We are blessed beyond words with money and resources to really help those in need around the world, and ROC is committed both to spreading the gospel message and to providing whatever assistance possible to people throughout the world.

This video, taken on July 25, 2012 at Lake Xiloa in Nicaragua, provided the highlights of the 2012 trip. ROC members baptized 18 individuals whom they had led to Christ.

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