Bible Text: Luke 23:39-43 |

Two thieves are separated by Jesus. Think about how the men are so much the same? Think about Jesus makes them different? Ultimately you have to decide, “Who is Jesus? What power is there in the cross.”

Before continuing picture this!

In our verses Jesus is central. He is an innocent man surrounded by the guilty. He is central to what is happening. Jesus is central to the eternal implications on those around him, including the two thieves. As you allow yourself to reflect on the thieves, keep in mind that Christ’s act impacts the whole picture. If Jesus is taken out of the story the entire meaning would change. The Messiah is dying for the sins of the world, while an angry cynic yells at Jesus to save him from his death on the cross. It’s ironic and sad. It’s the human nature that rests in us all.

Questions to Ponder 

How are the thieves alike?


How are the thieves different?


What do these verses tell us about Jesus?

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