Bible Text: Psalm 1:1-6, (v.2) |


Series: Year Verse 2018
Title: My Heart’s Delight
Ref: Psalm 1:1-6, (v.2)

Every Christian should find his_________________ in God.

Biblical mediation is just_________________ the truth of what God says.

The blessed man is ____________________ in God.

We find contentment in the_________________ and_________________ of God.

If contentment is lacking, then what is missing is a _________________ with God.

Godly Defense:
- don’t seek the ungodly’s ____________________
- don’t get involved in the ungodly’s ____________________
- don’t_________________ the ungodly at their level

Godly Offense: _________________ the truths of God

Godly Character:
- they_________________ on the truth
- they are_________________ by the truth
- the truth_________________ their lives
- their character is_________________
- their life has_________________

The path your on is determined by what you do with_________________.

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