Small Groups

Small groups provide the best environment for spiritual transformation and deep, meaningful relationships.

A message from Dave Howe, Small Groups Ministry Director:

“Loving one another” is one of the three main purposes of ROC. The primary way we choose to do this at ROC is through small groups. It is very easy to see in scriptures like Acts 2:42-47 that Christians gathering in small groups is a vital aspect of Christians growing and serving. Although “Loving each other” is the main function of the small group we also seek to “Worship God” and “Change our world” as we have the opportunity within our small groups.

Currently we have several small groups meeting throughout the week. We intentionally introduce a new 6 week study in the fall and first of the year to help encourage our folks to attend and get connected to ROC through a small group. This past January we offered two video studies. One was called “Authentic” by James McDonald and the other was “Guardrails” by Andy Stanley. It has been very encouraging to see this part of ROC grow over the past two years.

Nate Richey, Small Group Leader:

“As a small group leader I have to admit, leading brings great spiritual benefit. Our group meets at my house every Thursday evening. We don’t take extended breaks. This is a weekly time of fellowship and spiritual growth. Our group is currently studying through the book of Romans. Small groups are a great way to move from acquaintances at church to family in Christ.”


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